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New Ticket: Full Album Leak: Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Thing

Please start decoying for this project. This project is from


Release Group: on OiNK

File Name: Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Thing (Clean Version)

File Size: 67.68 MB (70,968,320 bytes)


Track listing


  1. "Girlfriend" (A. Lavigne/L. Gottwald) (Clean Edit)

  2. "I Can Do Better" (A. Lavigne/L. Gottwald) (Clean Edit)

  3. "Runaway" (A. Lavigne/K. Dioguardi/L. Gottwald)

  4. "The Best Damn Thing" (A. Lavigne/B. Walker)

  5. "When You're Gone" (A. Lavigne/B. Walker) (Clean Edit)

  6. "Everything Back But You" (A. Lavigne/B. Walker)

  7. "Hot" (A. Lavigne/E. Taubenfeld)

  8. "Innocence" (A. Lavigne/E. Taubenfeld)

  9. "I Don't Have To Try"

 10. "One Of Those Girls"

 11. "Contagious" (A. Lavigne/E. Taubenfeld)

 12. "Keep Holding On" (A. Lavigne/L. Gottwald) Thank you,



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