Re: [PM #ZKL-629477]: Fw: Nicole Scherzinger

From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 16:53:58 -0700

What was that Andrew?

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Subject: RE: [PM #ZKL-629477]: Fw: Nicole Scherzinger



From: Ben Grodsky
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To: Octavio Herrera
Cc: Andrew Kim; Jay Mairs
Subject: RE: [PM #ZKL-629477]: Fw: Nicole Scherzinger

Weird. You're right. Supervillian is picking up 0 data in the MI system.
Andrew -- is this because of the number of characters? "scherzinger supervillian" is 23 characters.
I checked on limewire for various combinations of "supervillain" "super villain" and "nicole scherzinger". They are all pretty much zero. "super villain" turned up about 20 results total which is close to nothing but supervillain did turn up 0. So we might want to think about adding a space in supervillain. Whats weird is physical also turned up very frew results also.

From: Octavio Herrera
Sent: Mon 27-Aug-07 15:29
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Subject: RE: [PM #ZKL-629477]: Fw: Nicole Scherzinger

Our leaks folder shows a song called super villain not physical.




From: Ben Grodsky
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2007 10:53 AM
To: Octavio Herrera
Cc: Andrew Kim
Subject: FW: [PM #ZKL-629477]: Fw: Nicole Scherzinger




This is for Andrew Mains.


Andrew -- I think you won't have to worry about being asked for these anymore. The PM guys can handle it ;)




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Subject: [PM #ZKL-629477]: Fw: Nicole Scherzinger

Ben -

Here is the data you requested, please check and let me know if its Ok..


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