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Subject: New Staff Reply - [IT !VHW-592162]: posting rack down

New Staff Reply: posting rack down

When Rendy stated that the range was affected, I plugged in to the servers to see the errors listed above across the range.
There were a few that were vmware errors, but most were linux errors. They would error minutes after being rebooted, so restoring the the vmware session wouldn't have been an option. Based on the corruption of the Linux OS across the IP range starting at and going to I included the servers that only had vmware sessions errors.

I did not know Rendy did not have authorization to OK the recloning of the server/network. Having worked with other members of the Torrents Team were Development did not OK a reinstall I, yes, assumed that Rendy could give the OK. I apologize for any interruption and inconvenience this has caused our Development Team and MediaDefender as a whole.

We would like to request that any ticket that is open have the owner of the server included on the ticket. Also the following information listed at the start of the ticket:

Network: DCB2F
Owner: Ben Ebert

This will allow us to know who we can get authorization from if cloning or HDD replacement is needed.


Ticket Details Ticket ID: VHW-592162
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