New Ticket - [Bittorrent !WNM-633056]: BT:

From: Henry Wang <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 15:33:10 -0700

New Ticket: BT:

Please start decoying for this Fox project.


Release Group: INTERFILM

File Name:

File Size: 692.02 MB (725,639,168 bytes)




1. This was downloaded from a private tracker. It has not hit public
sites yet. This is the Russian version.





The file is 1 avi file. I've place the avi and nfo files here:



Torrents Team:


Please update ticket when you posted decoys with the same name onto
public sites.

AGAIN update the ticket when real copies have been found on public sites
and added to interdiction.

DO NOT close this ticket until QA has verified decoy AND interdiction


Henry Wang

Leak Analyst | MediaDefender, Inc.


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