New Ticket - [QA !IZB-852144]: competitor analysis

From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 09:40:00 -0700

New Ticket: competitor analysis

We haven't seen competitor analyses in a while. Once monthly, please send out a competitor analysis about whatever information you can learn about MediaDefender's competitors: MediaSentry (latest Disney/WB Bros movies), Macrovision, DarkStar, etc. Please leave this ticket permanently open as a reminder that this should be done at least once each calendar month, with results sent to and; this doesn't need to happen on any particular date and can be done over a period of several days, as time permits, but this should occur monthly. We are most interested in what sort of presence our competitors have on BitTorrent, eMule and Ares.

For BitTorrent, some of the questions we would like you to consider are:

1. on how many sites does the company have a presence? start by looking at the sites that our BitTorrent team has identified and then try to track down those decoys, trackers, etc. on other sites.
2. what sort of techniques are they using? is everyone interdicting now in uTorrent. if using Azureus, do you see anything happen (this would be in the case of a potential new technology)? are they decoying? do they have their own trackers? are they inflating seeds and peers? do they hash bad data that shows as "discarded" or something similar?
3. approximately how effective are they? this doesn't need to be a full-on effectiveness test initially, though someone may ask for a more elaborate explanation of a competitor's effectiveness.

For eMule, some of the questions we would like considered are:

1. do they have their own servers? if so, approximately how many and are the IPs in clumps or varied substantially? whois their IPs and let us know what the IPs resolve to. we may be surprised and learn that a competitor has robust set of IPs from a single provider.
2. do they spoof/decoy on real servers? if so, approximate effectiveness.

For Ares, the basic question is just do they protect and if so, approximately how well.



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