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From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 22:31:57 -0700

Please see attached. These reports take a while to generate.
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From: Ben Grodsky
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I'm still working on generating the Heroes analytics report for you.

With respect to the actual user IPs that are seeing the limewire redirects, we don't currently have any mechanism in place to record the IPs off the limewire spoof or off the redirecting web server and this isn't easy development. This would take at least one week to develop. I just talked through some of the initial design questions with our developers and have some questions for you: Is this really something you would see value in? Is this something that would be a one-off, or would this need to be developed with scalability/robustness in mind for multiple titles, time periods, etc.? Your answers to these questions would drastically change application design and implementation and therefore would affect that 1-week estimate. Any development on this Heroes IP logging mechanism would postpone development toward your emule/BT data feeds, as it's the same data processing, data parsing, and data collection developers that would be working on this.


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No problem Aaron. :)

I've sent this to you the last couple of weeks and will get going on this in a little bit. I should have this week's report to you within a couple of hours.

I'm talking to one of our website gurus about how web logging works for the actual IP data. How are you going to account for dynamically IPed people on your end?


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Subject: limewire/heroes redirect reports

I need the latest report on this. Can you make a regular habit of sending out the reports on a weekly basis? Also, my understanding was that you weren't capturing IPs on the conversions and you must absolutely begin doing this if you haven't already. It will be critical to our analysis.

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