miivi for mac

From: Ty Heath <heath_at_mediadefender.com>
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 17:37:19 -0700

This version is feature complete but could contain bugs. It needs
additional testing.

The current feature set:
- Installs and automatically updates Sergio's App. It even fixes
any corruption of the app that may occur from user actions or otherwise.
- Uses the latest icon for all relevant program icons (app, systray,
and miniapp)
- Adds itself to autolaunch on startup when the user logs in again
after a reboot etc. Each time the program is run, it checks to make
sure it will still autolaunch.
- It will start and restart the main application as often as
necessary in case of crashes etc.
- Reports the free HD space for whichever volume contains ~/PushNET,
which is where all the media files are stored.

The 3 activity logs are
~/PushNET/log.txt //this is simply a log of all Stefan/Sergio's
apps output. Basically stdout and stderr from that program are
redirected into this file.
~/PushNET/update.log.txt //this is an update history log. It makes
a new entry everytime a new application is downloaded.
~/PushNET/user_command.log.txt //this is simply a log of all the
command the users has issued through the systray app.


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