FW: Emailing: 8-24-07.txt (new torrents)

From: Ben Grodsky <grodsky_at_mediadefender.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 11:46:44 -0700

Please add the attached to interdiction.
QA -- anything wrong with the QA FTP that would affect Univ Studs? I'm assuming not, as Bay is accessing it fine now.


From: Goldstein, Luke (NBC Universal) [mailto:Luke.Goldstein_at_nbcuni.com]
Sent: Mon 27-Aug-07 11:35
To: Ben Grodsky; Skinner, Andrew (NBC Universal)
Subject: Emailing: 8-24-07.txt (new torrents)

 <<8-24-07.txt>> Here's the new verified torrents from last week. Also,
I tried setting the good files to upload last week into the FTP folder,
but when I came back after one full day, nothing had transferred up. Is
everything OK on that side of the chain?

- Luke

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