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For your eyes only.

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From: Octavio Herrera
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NPD Data. We will also be getting quarterly data beginning in q407. Jonathn will try to come up with some roi figures.




From: David Aronson [mailto:David_Aronson_at_npd.com]
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Attached you will find two files. The first is a P2P Report from the Digital Music Study (2006) which contains key insights such as the number of HH's downloading from file sharing services, as well as monthly volumes. Also included are the key reasons why people are downloading more from P2P services...etc.


The second file contains the historical data we discussed. It probably makes sense for you to digest this information, and then for us to have a call to review it. I have a feeling that tomorrow is too soon for you, and unfortunately I am not in this Friday. Are you available on Monday?


Please let us know, and feel free to contact either Jessica or myself with any questions.





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