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Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 13:44:16 -0700

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Hi Ben,


Can you clarify the following points?


[filehashexamples.xls] In cases 2 and 3 there are many different filenames associated with a single filehash. This raises the following questions:


1. How does searching work on ed2k? Does a query look for keywords in the filename?


2. Were all the mixed results because of searches for multiple assets? i.e. one search was done for Serenity and another one for Munich, but they both coincidently point to the same file hash.


3. What type of data can you pull from an ed2k search? Are you able to grab all the IPs of users sharing a file just from searching on the network?





[MD IP address examples.xls] in case 5 we see that a user searched for “dvx ita scoop” and then 4 hours later was detected with having Scoop as supply.

        8/6/2007 4:17


        dvx ita scoop

        8/6/2007 8:03


        (DivX - ITA) - Scoop - (DVDRIPP) by Gly-AsTrA - COMMEDIA...Woody Allen, Hugh Jac




1. Are partially downloaded files detected as supply? Or are only completed downloads? Is it safe to say that this user downloaded this file within ~4 hours from making his last request?








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