Fantastic 4 on eMule (focused protection)

From: Tabish Hasan <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2007 15:55:43 -0700

We ran multiple tests for Fantastic Four on the most popular real eMule
servers, like Big Bangs and Donkey Servers, to test our focused
protection. Overall, we're looking really good. Out of the top 10, we
weren't able to get more than 2 real copies on any of the most popular


Out of our decoys, the ones we saw most often were the decoys that were
"renamed old movies (F4 Part 1)". We also saw a few trailers, and a
couple renamed adult movies. The renamed 1st movie seemed like it
propagated the best because it had higher availability than the trailers
and adult ones. I'm not sure how many we put out of each...but something
to keep in mind for Die Hard.


See attached for full details. In the "notes" column, Marcelo details
what kind and frequency of decoys he saw.




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