UPIX data analysis

From: Tabish Hasan <tabish_at_mediadefender.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 17:46:43 -0700

For their 2 week data:

* Black Donnelly's on BT actually produced better results on week
1 than week 2. On the attached BT sheet, I've highlighted in yellow all
the ones that were good downloads. Notice that they all came in week 2.
Week 1 was 100% effective. Week 2 was 30% effective. Without knowing
the infohash, I can't determine if we had interdiction active for all
the torrents they attempted.
* There ARE several instances where they grabbed CD1 of a file,
but no corresponding CD2. Those are highlighted in red on the attached
eDonkey sheet.
* They're NOT attempting only the most recent season. An example
is their "Office", "House MD", and "Law and Order" tests below.

NBC - The Office - 205 - Halloween.avi

NBC - The Office - 209 - Party.avi

NBC - The Office - 302 - The Convention.avi

The Office (NBC) - 214 - The Carpet.avi


House MD - 102 - Paternity - hdtv-lol.avi

House MD - 2x03 - Humpty, Dumpty.avi

House Md - 2x10 - Failure To Communicate Hdtv Xvid-Fov.avi

House MD 2x13 - Skin Deep.avi


law and order svu 220 dvdrip.avi

law and order svu 504 loss hdtv-lol.avi

law and order svu 804.avi

law and order svu 8x14.avi

law and order svu s07e20 fat -.avi

law and order svu s08e06 infiltrated hdtv xvid-notv.avi

* They didn't test on Fastweb (Italian server) during this



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