RE: miivi photos

From: Ivan Kwok <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 22:03:22 -0700

No, that's my gf's sister's dog.

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From: "Randy Saaf" <>
To: "Ivan Kwok" <>
Cc: "Jay Mairs" <>
Sent: 6/11/07 9:20 PM
Subject: Re: miivi photos

Nice. Is that ur dog?

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From: Ivan Kwok
To: Randy Saaf
Cc: Jay Mairs
Sent: Mon Jun 11 19:13:53 2007
Subject: RE: miivi photos

Yes. I’ve added that capability =) Check this out

I uploaded that pic.


From: Randy Saaf
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2007 7:11 PM
To: Ivan Kwok;
Subject: RE: miivi photos


Thanks. Great. Do they have thumbnail previews too?



From: Ivan Kwok
Sent: Mon 6/11/2007 7:07 PM
To: Randy Saaf;
Subject: RE: miivi photos

Miivi does support jpeg uploads, but it’s not taking any photos from ares network.


From: Randy Saaf
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2007 7:04 PM
To:; Ivan Kwok
Subject: miivi photos


Does Miivi take photo uploads or photos from ares? If so, do we preview them? Might be a cool feature for very high resolution pictures that are hard to find.
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