Marketing Intel Deadline

From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 15:42:07 -0700

When can we have that information session with some of the reporting staff how to use the Marketing Intel system?

Two customers will be coming in Thursday next week to see a working demo of the Marketing Intel system that they will begin using when they get back to their office after meeting with us. EMI will be coming in about 930 AM Thursday (so be sure to be here about 900 AM to set up anything you might need to beforehand).

Octavio would like to show EMI (Ruth) how the marketing intel system works using Virgin data (Virgin is one of the sub-labels under the EMI corporate umbrella) and stream the presentation to one of their offices in London -- either with Webex ( or GoToMeeting ( Ruth wouldn't use the system herself, but her underling (one of the dudes watching the stream of the desktop online) would be the one using it.

SonyBMG (Dong) is coming in at 2 PM to learn how to use the system. He would be using it himself.

Both EMI and SonyBMG would rely on Customer Support from our reporting staff (Rick for EMI and Jasper for SonyBMG), so now we have actual deadlines that can't be moved and we need to work toward.
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