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From: Markham, Aaron \(NBC Universal\) <>
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2007 11:38:37 -0700

Well, one approach is to drop a cookie. What if you guys do that on
your page? I understand that would take some development and database
work, but you could generate a unique ID for each new visitor and put it
in their cookie, and the look for it if/when they come back. I'm
planning on dropping a cookie on the site too, but that will be
a little while before we start asking for code changes on the main site.





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Michelle (NBC Universal); Jay Mairs
Subject: Re: limewire/heroes redirect reports


No problem Aaron. :)

I've sent this to you the last couple of weeks and will get going on
this in a little bit. I should have this week's report to you within a
couple of hours.

I'm talking to one of our website gurus about how web logging works for
the actual IP data. How are you going to account for dynamically IPed
people on your end?


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To: Ben Grodsky; Gilberto Vargas
Cc: Randy Saaf; Octavio Herrera; Skinner, Andrew (NBC Universal)
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Subject: limewire/heroes redirect reports

I need the latest report on this. Can you make a regular habit of
sending out the reports on a weekly basis? Also, my understanding was
that you weren't capturing IPs on the conversions and you must
absolutely begin doing this if you haven't already. It will be critical
to our analysis.
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