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From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 13:47:06 -0700

Sounds good Sujay.
Let me/Jay know by Friday whether you'd be online with all these changes by next week Tuesday/Wednesday. We told UMG we would provide them logins for each label they have (27 of these + 2 management level logins) and that those labels would have access to all the projects currently being protected (~600 projects, comprising ~3000 tracks) some time next week. So, we just need to know whether we need to buy you more time for setting up additional machines, db transitions, etc.
EMI is less pressing, but a similar situation. EMI requires their 110 active projects, comprising ~1,400 tracks. EMI just needs the one login we've already made for them. I'll just let them know that we're working on adding the rest of their tracks to our system over the next couple of weeks.
All of this means expect a load of ~4,500 additional tracks, which sounds like you'd need about 13 more machines (4500/500 = 9 + additional machines for redundancy + backup). Please let us know how many machines the whole MI system ends up using.


From: Sujay Jaju
Sent: Tue 14-Aug-07 13:06
To: Ben Grodsky
Cc: Andrew Kim; Jay Mairs
Subject: Re: Marketing Intel


We can currently support 400-600 tracks per machine + we need 2-4
machines for backup / redundancy

Andrew suggested a database remodeling so as to improve processing time
and space utilization. I will need a few days to update to that schema

Once we have that we can scale to more tracks: in its current form, the
database cannot handle many more tracks.


On Tue, 2007-08-14 at 12:33 -0700, Ben Grodsky wrote:
> Andrew and Sujay,
> Sujay - EMI and UMG/UMGI have each asked that we add all of their
> actively protected projects to their login views of our new marketing
> intel site. How many more machines would you need to scale for these
> additional tracks. The actual tracks can be found in our project
> management database (we need both project_management and
> project_management2 projects).
> Andrew - please create logins for each UMG and UMGI label, using the
> last word of the owner names as listed in Gilbert's attachment as the
> Usernames and a random sequence of numbers and letters for the
> passwords (1337-speak passwords are fine). Provide me 29 logins total
> -- 1 for each of the 27 labels + 1 for all UMG labels (all the none
> UMGI labels) + 1 for all UMGI labels (the names beginning Universal
> Music.Universal Europe).
> Thanks,
> Ben
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> Subject: Number of projects for active UMG & UMI owners 2007-08-14.xls
> <<Number of projects for active UMG & UMI owners 2007-08-14.xls>> Here
> is the list
> Gilberto
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