TMG Competitor Analysis on eMule

From: Daniel Lee <>
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2007 14:21:47 -0700

For our competitor analysis on TMG, we tested the search string
"Spiderman 3 FR" on eMule. TMG's protection was very noticeable even on
real DonkeyServers. They primarily used cross-named porn and a few
inflated decoys for protection. Ty says this method is effective when
the number of projects they're protecting is low, but not as effective
when the projects rise because their IPs will quickly get banned. The
availability numbers for the results were spread across a range of 37 to
1-the majority had 2-6 sources. If the availability of the real
"Spiderman 3 FR" files were > 30, then TMG's effectiveness would have
been significantly lower.



Here is a breakdown of our results:


Test 1

Download Attempted: 38

Porn: 11

Other: 5

Real: 5

Unable to Download: 17

Server: DonkeyServer No3 (


Test 2

Downloads Attempted: 22

Porn: 11

Other: 3

Real: 4

Unable to Download: 4

Server: (


Test 3

Downloads Attempted: 45

Porn: 2

Other: 2

Real: 1

Unable to Download: 40

Server: DonkeyServer No4 (





Daniel Lee
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