FW: Order Number 08232007-41362-6578 - Purchase of ChartDirector Developer License for Windows/Linux/FreeBSD, Tracking Number 6383606

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Subject: Order Number 08232007-41362-6578 - Purchase of ChartDirector
Developer License for Windows/Linux/FreeBSD, Tracking Number 6383606

Thank you for using RegSoft.com for your online purchase of
ChartDirector Developer License for Windows/Linux/FreeBSD. Please save
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Your order has been Processed and Authorized.
Your Order Number is 08232007-41362-6578.
Please note: The Order Number should not be mistaken for a registration

Your license code is DEVP-2EBD-AV98-XAH7-9547-C86D

Please refer to the Installation section of the ChartDirector
documentation on how to install the license code. You may also refer to
the web page at "http://www.advsofteng.com/license_install.html" for

After installing the license code, there should be no more
acknowledgement messages appearing in the charts generated by

If you have any problems installing the license code, please email
support_at_advsofteng.net for support.

Advanced Software Engineering Limited will send the formal paper license
and a receipt to you via air mail.

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I need my registration details again, please contact me at

You will receive a reply within 24 hours with the registration
information you

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