Microsoft Crack Marketing Intel

From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 08:45:46 -0700


Microsoft is interested in seeing the geographic distribution of these files in Gnutella supply. The nicest part about dealing with Microsoft is when I asked them point black, "What is the purpose of this information?" they basically just said "we're not sure, but the cracks department wants it." Basically, they want this information, but it's unclear what they would do with it?! All of these file names have "%vista timer%" and "%stop%," that's probably all you would need to query.

Microsoft Windows Vista Activation Timer Stop-offlinevista.rar
Microsoft Windows Vista Activation Timer
New Vista RTM Timer Stopper
Microsoft Windows Vista Activation Timer Stop-offlinevista[www pythons-lair com].zip
Microsoft Windows Vista Activation Timer Stop-offlinevista - UPDATED)!.zip
Windows Vista Ultimate Stop Timer

I'm told this is a one-off thing, and Jonathan is going to position this that if they are interested in more data like this, then they should wait for our Marketing Intel system. :) We told Microsoft they'd be able to expect something from us within 2 weeks -- I thought you'd need to collect these data separately; I didn't realize you had IPs in the global data! :)


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