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From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 13:49:45 -0700

Dylan, Jay and Randy,

Bobby is working on MiiVi finally. Michael had actually told me Bobby would have a look and feel for us by end of business Wednesday. I had been telling you guys by the end of this week to pad the deadline for Bobby. Now that I've sat with Bobby and discussed this in much more detail (I walked him through all of MiiVi for about 45 min), it'll probably take more like a couple of weeks.

He's going to start with a new logo and color scheme and he'll present us some options for that tomorrow/Friday. Once we've given him some feedback on those assets, he'll start working on more buttons, lay out ideas, etc. and start a back-and-forth with us. He was concerned that he'd have to dork around in our code, I reiterated to him he's working on sexy look and we work on implementation/integration of that sexy look to our sexy site. That sounds very agreeable to him and he'll give us graphics and his ideas as he comes up with them, so if there's a technical problem integrating his ideas (or we would like some sort of graphical tweak) we can make those changes piece-meal.

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