FW: Free Chris Kattan show TOMORROW!

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I noticed that the arrival time is 1:30PM (during work hours) so please

Thank you,

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Subject: FW: Free Chris Kattan show TOMORROW!

For anyone who is interested.

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Chris Kattan is hosting a new CBS gameshow called 'Gameshow In My Head'
in which he sends contestants out onto the street, armed only with a
tiny earpiece, and gives them wild and insane tasks to complete in front
of unsuspecting bystanders! Amidst the ensuing craziness, all of the
action is captured on a hidden camera and fed back to our live studio
audience! As the contestants complete their tasks, Chris's challenges
become increasingly more difficult and bizarre. If a player can make it
all the way to the final task, they have the chance to win $150,000!

The pilot episode is taping tomorrow, Tuesday, April 10th in Hollywood,
CA. The arrival time is 1:30 PM and the minimum age is 16. To request
free tickets, please use the following link. Thanks!


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