RE: naughty miivi hash for filter

From: Dylan C Douglas <>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 10:52:56 -0700

Were there any related videos that were porn? Like all the related stuff was porn? Just wondering if the second version of the porn filter would have caught this.

Dylan Douglas

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it's the first bestiality vid i've gotten that didn't have any porn or bestiality key words.
i'm not offended by bestiality in the least and actually have seen a few of the horse and dog fucking videos already :p
cool. no worries though. it just freaks me out when key words couldn't do anything at all.


From: Jay Mairs
Sent: Fri 11-May-07 10:20
To: Ben Grodsky; Dylan Douglas
Subject: Re: naughty miivi hash for filter

If that's the first bestiality vid you've seen on there, you've been extremely lucky. When the inappropriate flag stuff is implemented, it should catch a lot of that. Admin tools will be coming in the future. In the meantime, you'll need to delete offensive material from your own account.

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From: Ben Grodsky
To: Dylan Douglas
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Subject: naughty miivi hash for filter


I wouldn't normally e-mail you directly about MiiVi stuff, because a lot of what I say about this is total crap (so keep that in mind) and Jay filters the crap from the important stuff for you. Is there a way to add this hash/title to the porn filter explicitly?

hash=30755326A4E4B28E678BFF8CB2AF5FC4A4FBF710&i=3 (the title is Celebrity deathmatch: Korn vs slipknot and the exact URL is

I just flagged it as Other Terms of Use violation. It's a warthog (or maybe it's a big bushy dog, I can't tell) having sex with a woman and NOT a Korn vs. Slipknot mash-up video.

If this is a big deal, don't worry about it for now. But eventually this would probably need a tool of some kind for a Super User account to remove files from our indexing system all together.
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