systray functionality

From: Sergio Alvarez <>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 16:12:31 -0700

In order to talk to the app, it's just a http get to
Port is determined by the following
        port = 10026,
        if you can't connect divide by 1.2,
        if you go below 1024 then the app isn't running

The following commands are supported // pauses all downloads // resumes downloads // tells the app to exit<free space in bytes> // lets you know if the app is running or not, and gives the app how much free space you have left on the drive(optional)

The first 3 should return a 200.
Status return 200 if it's unpaused, 400 if it's paused

The systray also checks to make sure the jar it's running is the current version. Stefan puts the md5 and sha1 of the current version at

I check on start up and download the latest and copy it over before trying to run it, and then have a timer that checks periodically, and downloads and restarts the app if needed.

The functionality of the systray for the user is as follows.

After install, and anytime they manually run the systray it send the user to the following web page.

Note, it does not take you to any url when the app launches on start up.

If it doesn't detect java it takes them to

Double clicking the icon takes them to

The right click opens a menu with the following. The localhost ones just do a get, the rest open up a web page to the given address.





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