RE: CC charges on Octavio's card

From: Amaechi L. Okonko <>
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 13:07:43 -0700

Ben or Jay,

Do you know what the charges to Verisign, Infolink and Anonymizer are


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Subject: Re: CC charges on Octavio's card

Zanadoo is a dedicated server provider we use. I'll try to remember to
change it back to Randy's visa when I return from holiday.


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Subject: FW: CC charges on Octavio's card


Please review the list of purchases down below that was made on
Octavio's WF card ending in -6784. If you made the purchase, please
state what it was for.

Tactical Software: Computer software
Zanadoo, SD: Web hosting
Crews of CA: Travel (Gift Shop)


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From: Sandra Aguilar []
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To: Amaechi L. Okonko
Subject: CC charges on octacio's card

4/18/07-Tactical Software-$400.00

4/20/07-Verisign inc.- $ 499.00

4/20/07-Infolink com Services Inc.- $59.75

4/23/07-Zanadoo San diego-$ 333.00

4/24/07- Anonymizer Inc- $ 29.99

4/24/07- Crews of California, los angeles- $26.77

4/12/07-National association recording, marlton NJ-$399.00

4/12/07- National association recording, marlton NJ-$540.00

4/11/07- National association recording, marlton NJ-$2,545.00

If you can please tell me what these cahrges are by today, if possible
before 3 p.m. so I can make the payment today please. Thanks.

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