RE: Interpol

From: Andrew Kim <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 12:19:42 -0700

Here are the Interpol track rankings.
INTERPOL-The Heinrich Maneuver 7.25
INTERPOL-Pioneer to the Falls 3.18
INTERPOL-Rest My Chemistry 3.11
INTERPOL-Mammoth 3.05
INTERPOL-No I in Threesome 2.82
INTERPOL-All Fired Up 2.31
INTERPOL-Pace Is the Trick 2.22
INTERPOL-The Scale 2.17
INTERPOL-Wrecking Ball 1.93
INTERPOL-Who Do You Think 1.73
INTERPOL-The Lighthouse 1.55


From: Jay Mairs
Sent: Wed 7/25/2007 10:11 AM
To: Andrew Kim
Subject: Fw: Interpol

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From: Octavio Herrera
To: Rick Moreno; Ben Grodsky; Gilberto Vargas; Jay Mairs
Sent: Wed Jul 25 10:07:26 2007
Subject: Re: Interpol

Jay, can u see what the mark int system says?

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From: Rick Moreno
To: Octavio Herrera; Ben Grodsky; Gilberto Vargas
Sent: Wed Jul 25 09:59:12 2007
Subject: RE: Interpol

PDF of the project or just Request by track?

Thank You,

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From: Octavio Herrera
Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 9:53 AM
To: Ben Grodsky; Gilberto Vargas; Rick Moreno
Subject: Fw: Interpol

Need this asap!

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From: Schwartz, Syd <Syd.Schwartz_at_EMICAP.COM>
To: Octavio Herrera
Sent: Wed Jul 25 09:50:56 2007
Subject: Interpol


We're trying to make some decisions on the next Interpol single from the
recently released album "Out Love to Admire". Can we get a breakdown on P2P
activity for all the tracks on the album so we can add that to our decision
making data? Bit of a 911 situation on this...



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