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From: Randy Saaf <>
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 09:54:02 -0700


When Steve, our head of IT, gets back, you should hold a meeting about this. Jaxtr and Jangl have gotten their hands on thousands of phone numbers from 51 countries. I doubt they went country by country getting those numbers. We should look at what IT they might be using to accomplish this amazing goal.


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In order for Jaxtr to work, we would need to enter the phone number for the ISP that we’re dialing into. Unfortunately, there is a verification process in which Jaxtr calls that number and we have to verify that number is ours. It’s the same process that GrandCentral uses to prevent phone numbers from being hijacked.


Since we have no way of picking up the phone at the ISP’s end to verify that number, this makes Jaxtr unviable for our modem pool.


In addition, with their credit-based “calling card” type system, even with multiple accounts, we wouldn’t have enough credits to use this operationally.


I’ll keep an eye open on this in case some developments are made that would benefit us.





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