RE: Meeting Notes: 20 June 2007

From: Dylan Douglas <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 18:12:04 -0700

REMINDER 1: When adding something to the 90% decoy folder, make sure you
login to the actual generator box (with my RD tool) and click on both:

1. "Scan Dir for Files" button in the Torrent File Generator. And;
2. "Rescan Directories, Then Tell Clients to Update Now" button in
the Syncher Status.

REMINDER 2: Write access is only on the "onsystems" account, which can
only be reached from a 65.120.42.x ip. I noticed someone trying to log
into the ftp earlier today with the onsystems user and pass, but from
the wrong ip range.


        From: Pedro Cortez
        Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2007 6:03 PM
        To: torrents
        Subject: Meeting Notes: 20 June 2007

        Here are today's meeting notes. If I have missed anything,
please revise accordingly and send it around again.


        * Flood BItenova, Isohunt, Torrentreactor, and
Torrentportal with Regular decoys as well as 90% decoys (to NiIes).

                * Obtain seeding machines from unused tracker
machines (consult w/ Herden).
                * These machines will be used only for seeding old
school decoys.


        * Use various language search strings for "Fantastic Four"
(to QA)

                * Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese language


        * REMINDER: Begin preparations for the project "Live Free
or Die Hard" (to Torrents).

                * Release date: June 27th.
                * Ask Leaks to grab first eight minutes of the
movie from Yahoo (to Pedro).
                * Start creating old school decoys and chopped n
screwed decoys from trailers and old movies.
                * Use Public Trackers for Pre-leak decoys.
                * Make sure all decoys are identified by the
                * Distribute real files and torrent files from
decoys to in-house voluntary seeders.
                * VERY IMPORTANT: Grab all Real torrent files
from the moment it is posted and from all the sites AND transfer these
files into the interdiction system.
                * Continue to grab new real torrent files and add
to the interdiction system.
                * Somewhere in between collecting real torrents
and posting decoys, post comments for these files on Piratebay, Mininova
and Torrentspy.
                * Continue to post chopped n screwed decoys from
the real files provided by Leaks.
                * ALSO IMPORTANT: Post Regular and 90% decoys


        * Push out our Public MD tracker as soon as possible (to
Sheetal, Gerald).

                * Make it available to the public via, message boards.


        * The new BNBT version will be modified to manage torrents
with seeds in the thousands (to Ebert, Torrents)

                * This old school tracker should be used once real
torrent files stats reach the thousand-mark or second day of posting.
                * Ebert will provide new trackers shortly for the
release of "Live Free or Die Hard"



        * Analyze our effectiveness on Mybittorrent (to Mark/Dan).

                * Determine what kind of decoys made it on the
                * Determine where these torrents were scraped


        * Any questions and issues about the Autoposter will now
be directed to Jed (to Torrents).


        * Consider schedule for weekend shifts and consult Ebert
(to Torrents).

                * The schedule will take into effect starting this
                * First come, first serve.


        Pedro Cortez

        MediaDefender, Inc.
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