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From: Dylan Douglas <>
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 23:40:41 -0700


So, here's how the universe is being cute. The marketing intell database has hash/ip/port information, but nothing for filenames or sizes or anything. Ty's Ares data has everything but the port information. So, I'm going to add the marketing intell stuff to the MiiVi database (oh god it sounds so dumb), but leave the original data there, otherwise Z won't know how big the files are and what to name them when downloading them.

Right now it's working on table one of five dumping the stuff locally and uping it to the MiiVi database. With any luck, some of the hashes will include hashes that are already in the database.

Will let you know when I do, and will send an email to everyone.


Dylan Douglas
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