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I had seen the ilike/facebook story in "web 2.0 blogs" for a couple
weeks. It is interesting and a smart play by facebook. I am just not
sure how you generate real value in dinky embedded flash applications.
It is great for facebook because they have 800 free applications, which
combined, make for a fulsome offering they did not have to develop.
However, each application seems to be no more than a novelty.

ADI could have, and may already have, widgets that give breaking artist
news, ability to play clips, etc. This might be valuable as a
promotional source for ADI, but I don't see much value unless you get
the kid to ADI's main page. People keep talking about these widgets
being applications people developed in weeks, and the full potential has
not been realized. However, you are stuck in the constructs of what you
can do with Flash and Ajax. For example, we couldn't do p2p networking
through a widget.

The big thing with the Facebook API seems to be that they are giving
anyone a way to access the data in their databases depending on selected
privacy levels of users. You can develop a widget that can send a
message to all your Facebook contacts in one click. You can develop a
Widget that accesses the pictures you have uploaded to Facebook. You
can develop a widget that recommends public Facebook friends to ad
because they share your tastes. Etc, etc, etc. Additionally, it seems
you can create accounts for the Widgets on Facebook that cross-create
accounts for the original site. For example, I think that the account
for the iLike widget works with the iLike page. I can't tell because
the iLike page has been down all day ;).

So far to me the only killer widget has been youtube video. Other
companies that are well positioned to make cool widgets are Yahoo
messenger because of the simple nature of IMing. Our challenge is to
figure out what we have between Artistdirect.com, miivi, etc that we
would want embedded in Facebook pages and would get use out of access to
their user database.

Off the top of my head of what products we have, there is nothing that
cleanly fits into the Facebook widget paradigm (although we have not
spent much time thinking about this). Kids will just cut and paste
lyrics onto their facebook page, so a widget for lyrics isn't that
powerful. Music playing is cool, but we know the drama trying to work
with the labels on that (plus a ton of companies are hitting that
angle). The embedded video boat has sailed. Information doesn't seem
like it would make for a good widget or wikipedia would have popular

To be continued


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FYI--check out Wall Street Journal Article on Facebook today, B1
Marketplace Section.
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