From: Mark Soontornchamras <mark_at_mediadefender.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 18:33:12 -0700

>From my research regarding the old Piractic.org to the new Worldnova.org
I have concluded the following:


- Piratic.org and Worldnova.org point to the same ip,
connecting to piratic.org will lead you to worldnova.org

- The basic structure is similar to the way it was before

- Uploading duplicate torrents is allowed within an approximate
5 minute window

- The uploads are not shown in the results immediately, unless
you do an advanced search (I included 'dead' torrents in the search and
it came up)

- Site is receptive of MD trackers and Old School trackers.
Seeds/Peers show up immediately

- The Results only show 25 torrents of a specific category at a
time, this is no 'next page' button. (sorting will give you top 25 of
whatever your criteria is)

- Site can be responsive at times, but when it lags it really
lags (I'm guessing when there are not a lot of ppl on, but it seems that
they can't handle a big load)

- The forums are empty

- It appears as though there is not a strong moderator presence
and they will take down copyrighted material





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