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From: Gerald Macias <>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 09:35:47 -0700

The un/pw issue seems to be fixed. I posted 10+ torrents to the site
with no errors. Nice work Sheetal.


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From: Sheetal Shah
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The issue with is fixed and the new DLL is saved as -

Let me know how it works.


Gerald Macias wrote:
> The TorrentPoster is still having issues with posting to
> It says: "TorrentReactorNet: no password set for
> d3m0man20". I am using the latest the latest Version .84. Just want to

> let you know this is still an on going issue.
> We have to add the password and username again in order for it to
> work. But this repeats every time.
> Torrent Team when reporting issues with IT/Developer and the issue
> effects more then one of use please cc TorretTeam so we are all in the

> same page and we don't resumit the same ticket.
> Thanks,
> Gerald M
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