RE: Meeting Notes: 30 May 2007

From: Ben Ebert <>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 18:13:08 -0700

These are specific boxes that Tabish has seen, I'll ask him to
coordinate with you.

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Pedro or Herden,

What are the specs/requirements for these EU seeder boxes?

Cpu intense? IP intense? Ram intense? Bandwidth intense?


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Subject: Meeting Notes: 30 May 2007

Here are today's meeting notes. If I have missed anything, please revise
accordingly and send it around again.


* High Priority set for "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver
Surfer" (to Torrents).

        * Use High Quality trailers for old school decoys before
it leaks.
        * Use Chop n Screwed, Audio-Only, Re-Encoded (pixilated),
and Old School Decoys prior to leak.
        * Post decoys to Fox posting sites.
        * Send posted links to Mark.


* Continue to work with Steve to resolve issues for the Modem Pool
(to Torrents).


* Issues with the Hash Checker will be brought upon Dylan's


* Emphasize postings for the following projects (to Torrents)

        * "Spiderman 3"
        * Include the abbreviations (NIN) in the filenames for the
project Nine Inch Nails.
        * Balance the time spent in creating Chop n Screwed movie
files, Regular and 90% decoys (for now, more Regular and 90% decoys)..
        * Use Chop n Screw method for new selected UMG project for
the first two weeks.


* Obtain new seeder machines.

        * Option 1: Tabish to inform Grodsky in obtaining seed
boxes from Euro-dedicated servers.
        * Option 2: Seed from home personal machines.
        * Option 3: Use QA's dedicated servers.


* Gerald to collaborate with new dev-hire in getting our BT
tracker up and running.



Pedro Cortez

MediaDefender, Inc.

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