RE: Bt sites

From: Ben Ebert <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 14:06:40 -0700

I did a quick run through of the site list, I'll attach my preliminary
findings. Many of the sites we are not currently covering are scrape
sites that we should have a strong presence on anway, I will give that
list to QA to test. There are a few other sites that are postable,
we'll make accounts and post this weekend for Die Hard 4 and have QA
review the results of that test as well. There are a couple that may be
trouble sites, Spynova is a moderated site, they handpick the torrents
to be posted and "guarantee" there are no fakes. TorrentView and Zoek
Torrents are, as Tabish said, apparently just google searches with
torrents added. This does not mean we can't protect on them, on the
contrary, there are tricks to make things appear higher on google I
would like QA to see where we are at on those sites and with some R&D we
can probably figure out how to hit the top of the lists. I will clean
up the list and make my recommendations as soon as we've had time to QA
the sites that need it.


BitTorrent Monster = BTMon/COVERED = site looks good, needs QA


BT Sites = This is just an index of other torrent sites,
the search uses isohunt or should be removed = this site is crap 90% usenet, main page forum
posts "where has the community gone" and "site donations needed"

                              I was unable to get a fantastic four or
Die hard torrent file from this site, only direct usenet links.


BushTorrent = COVERED

Dinotorrent = SITE DOWN or blocked from the office, I will
try this one from home.

ExtraTorrent = COVERED = COVERED

FlixFlux = = scrape site, needs QA .com POS portal site, no
torrents = COVERED

isoHunt = COVERED

Meganova = COVERED

Mininova = COVERED = Needs QA, post test.

myBittorrent = COVERED

NEWTorrents = .info needs QA .com is POS portal site, no

NovaTina = bitenova/COVERED

Snarf-it = COVERED

Spynova = needs QA, private site, they add
all torrents manually and "guarantee" no fake files. = COVERED

Torrent Finder = scrape site, Needs QA

Torrent Locomotive = COVERED

Torrent Matrix = needs QA/upload test

Torrent Trackz = .com POS portal site, no torrents Should be

Torrent View = Google for torrents, needs QA.

TorrentBox = COVERED = COVERED as above

Torrentini = scrape site, needs QA = COVERED as above = COVERED = COVERED = COVERED = COVERED = COVERED as above = COVERED = needs QA/Upload test

Torrentz = COVERED = SITE DOWN under maintenance, links to = unknown method for scraping, no uploads, I could
not find Die hard 4, but die hard 1-3 were on the site + a couple
fantastic four = COVERED = SERVER IS TOO BUSY I'll try again later

Yotoshi = Scrape site, needs QA

Zoek Torrents = google for torrents, needs QA, gives different
results than TorrentView



From: Ben Grodsky
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2007 4:54 PM
To: Randy Saaf; Ben Ebert; Jay Mairs; Octavio Herrera
Subject: RE: Bt sites


That's a huge list. It'll probably take a while for Ben to go through
these and make sure this list is ok. Several of those are sites I don't
think I've ever even heard of (flixflux??? dinotorrent???). Ben will
be in this weekend.


From: Randy Saaf
Sent: Fri 13-Jul-07 16:48
To: torrents
Subject: FW: Bt sites


Here is the list they came back with. Any we want to add, remove, or


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From: Jane Sunderland []
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2007 4:33 PM
To: Randy Saaf
Cc: Octavio Herrera; Jimmy Lee
Subject: RE: Bt sites

Let us know if you have an issue with our using any of the following
indexing sites for audit purposes:
BitTorrent Monster
BT Junkie
BT Sites
Torrent Finder
Torrent Locomotive
Torrent Matrix
Torrent Trackz
Torrent View
Zoek Torrents

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From: Randy Saaf []
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2007 2:49 PM
To: Jane Sunderland
Cc: Octavio Herrera; Jimmy Lee
Subject: RE: Bt sites

Got it. Sorry for miscommunication. Below are the main 18 sites. We
are still working on the regional site list. There are not as many
regional sites as we thought there were.

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From: Jane Sunderland []
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2007 2:32 PM
To: Randy Saaf
Cc: Octavio Herrera; Jimmy Lee
Subject: RE: Bt sites

But at the time he said it was a starting list and a longer list would
be provided later, including the localized sites for individual

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From: Randy Saaf []
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2007 2:30 PM
To: Jane Sunderland
Cc: Octavio Herrera
Subject: FW: Bt sites

Hi Jane:

Octavio did send a list to Jimmy in June. Here is an updated list of
sites we cover. Let me know if it is agreeable.


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From: Octavio Herrera
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 6:53 PM
To: ''
Subject: Bt sites


My bt team just replied. We are currently covering:

There are other sites we are scraping for torrents and
interdicting/swarming in our automated system but our developers have
that list and have not replied to my request.

I hope this helps.

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