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From: Stefan Kaczmarek <>
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2007 13:10:09 -0700


How about I name the file "<hash>.ext.tmp" until it is done, and then
I remove the ".tmp" from the end? Will that work?

- Z

On Apr 9, 2007, at 1:39 PM, Ivan Kwok wrote:

> Z, can you name the output filename as hash.ext(whatever the
> original extension is)? Also write out the file to output directory
> only when it's done or done with the specified MB to download?
> Because I have another thread just constantly scanning the output
> directory to generate thumbnails. Thanks.
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> Ok, here's the console applet.
> To use it, you just say:
> java -jar console.jar hash=<hash> [path=<path>] [mb=<mb>] [source]
> "hash" is the only requred field. It's the 40-byte sha-1.
> If "path" is not set, it just writes it to the current folder. It
> will not create folders, so if you're going to want it to be put in a
> folder, make sure it already exists. "mb" is the number of MB you
> want it to download. (Since it deals in multiples of 10MB at this
> point, every value will be rounded up to the nearest 10MB.)
> If "source" is set, then the app will not close when it is done, but
> will instead continue running as a source. If it is not set, then it
> will close when it is done.
> You can't combine a MB limit with "source", though, because you're
> not really a source if you limi the mb downloaded.
> Any problems or questions, just let me know.
> I'll CVS the source, as well.
> Oh, and just and FYI, when you see a bunch of numbers go by in
> parenthesis, that is just a connection attempt. The number is the
> "rank" of the source. All sources start out with a rank of 0, and
> increase or decrease based on if they are connectable, are busy, etc.
> - Z
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