Fw: Simpsons Torrents Results 7/30/07

From: Ben Grodsky <grodsky_at_mediadefender.com>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 19:04:09 -0700

Are you guys impressed with this email too? I like the initiative it shows.

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From: Rendy Oka
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Subject: RE: Simpsons Torrents Results 7/30/07

Hey team,
I have noticed on some sites that a lot of of The Simpsons Movie torrents have very high number seeds. In torrentlocomotive.com, for example, the top seeded torrent has 24,537 seeds and it is real according to the hash checker. Many are around 4,000 seeds and above. Our old-school seed numbers will be adjusted to report much higher values to match those.
Just like torrentreactor.to, we also need to post on extratorrent.com on a regular basis to ensure our presence on the top 15. Sorting is only available for VIP users. (This is just a reminder for Torrent Team, as we have discussed this in the past.) We are on these sites with relatively high numbers, however only at the top immediately after posting.
The upload for torrentspy.com has been down for sometime now.
Lastly, Torrent Team, we need to investigate why our torrents are not showing up on btjunkie.org and how we can remedy it. I have noticed that the site is not reading our old-school trackers fast enough that the site deletes them.
That is all.


        From: Daniel Lee
        Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 4:28 PM
        To: torrents
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        Subject: Simpsons Torrents Results 7/30/07

        Here are today’s results for “The Simpsons Movie.” We saw improvement on the sites that were on our original site list (BushTorrent, Fenopy, etc.), but still had low numbers on most of the newer sites. Snarf-it.org had site wide problems--all of the torrents were showing as invalid, even projects that we weren’t protecting. Other sites with “N/A” either did not have enough results or did not allow us to search without registering (SpyNova).


        Torrents team, we will need to focus more on the newer sites, especially since the autoposter does not work on these sites yet. Also, please do a full scrape on all the relevant Simpsons torrents for the interdiction system.




        TOP 15 ATTEMPTED










































































        Green = Site List 1

        Blue = Site List 2

        Black = Site List 3




        Thank you,


        Daniel Lee


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