dev status meeting 27 april 2007

From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 14:00:26 -0700


* proxy clients corrupted somehow

        * key messed up

        * stop responding after x-days

        * not responding to upgrade b/c doesn't respond to server.

                * So will have them restart after x-time

* miivi

        * working on installer

        * doesn't work right in Vista

        * may upgrade own box to Vista

        * added more error msging for publish

                * e.g., non alpha # in tags

                * comments are all text now


* BT

        * set up 4 servers with 2003 for 90% trackers

        * one of the IPs may have already been used

        * new tracker dlls synched out to machines, waiting for Herden to say IPs ok

* miivi

        * sorting: history, library

        * told Steffen about multi-page search

        * search done from Dylan's side

                * Ty breaks up into keywords filename + artist

                * title for ares stuff should be Artist: Title b/c Ty is indexing title (??) field in meta data

                        * artist usually doesn't show up in Title

                        * now will be Artist: Title, unless Artist null (then just Title)

        * related

                * Serg giving Stef meta

                * has to match Dylan's Artist: Title (just use his function)



* not able to embed image right in Ne-Yo torrent test

* crashes WMP, doesn't crash iTunes, testing different players

* Dr Hahn

        * wants timestamp on hash table, but we won't store it b/c it'll use too many additional resources and doesn't provide statistical basis as he thinks it would.

        * issue is can't record redundant hash data, so will only get 1 request /day/IP. So the time stamp will be the first time that request by that IP was wanted. What we'd be able to record for him wouldn't mean what he'd expect b/c it's masking other requests and creates an incomplete set of data.

        * Spoofs already removed from data set, so no need to scrub mod 137

* Universal Studios meeting next week

        * Sujay data

        * access to feeds from Danny


* fixed shareaza problem that crashed system when projects updated

* changes to BT poster for them to check whether torrents posted

* BT website moved to Lyte server, but no usable b/c db too sluggish b/c 7 projects running on there

        * discuss further w/ Jay and Ty

        * db not usable right now

* Bo tweak for file generator


* modified shell script for gnutella host browser to work with Ty's eMule db

* gnutella host browser crashed yesterday, testing bug fix

        * should be good for CF (for 9esh)

* talk to Jay about working with Tabish to flesh out testing data feeds

        * should look at db dumps and see whether the data is reasonable

* talk to Sujay about getting a KAD data feed going for Universal Pictures


* changes to interface on MI

* working on resize bugs

* will start designing other graphs

* next step with Geo should be things on map have link to regional score graph over period of time (similar to gnutella score). Maybe chart makes more sense. Score per track by Geo would be good. Maybe eventually see a country-billboard chart.

        * Click on country

        * link for region

        * displaying that track's data

* can't do Geo stuff by hour


* worked w/ Gerald on BTSearcher issue (wasn't using killwords and was doing album + artist - which it shouldn't have been)

* worked with Jed on ???

* made suggestions to Jeff about BT website

* working on BT methodology


* sorted out bugs w/ BT searcher ???

* Gerald has a way around bot obstacles for Snarf-It, Fenopy (changes IPs)

        * snarf-it only blocks for hour or so (according to Tabish)

* optimizing BT db queries to minimize impact on it - that db is on crack

* autoposter on local stable point

        * not sure it's posting to all websites

        * not ready for QA yet. Get into QA feedback loop

* BT data feed dropped to 0, but fixed w/ changes

* add Hot Fuzz to auto interdiction to go into real folder (keep same pathing, but put into real folder)

        * if this works, then add Paramount


* should use Danny's gnutella host browser for CF

        * best thing possible after truly global dht - which isn't possible.

* Related on MiiVi working

* looking at various data sources

* KAD sucks b/c of unicode

* changing gnutella data from Sujay ????

* next will process some gnutella host browser to see what it looks like

* have to get Related to work automatically. Now just being refreshed manually - should be at least 1ce each week.

        * Automate after we know what we're doing :)

        * changes w/ account or search may totally change automation

        * goal w/ related is to have 15 related for every title

        * Related will affect parts of Serg's MiiVi stuff

* assume that at the end of process there's a list of strings (may be key phrases, may be keywords)

        * do a substring thing for "my chemical romance"

        * may get related substring of MCR

        * just worry about single level for now.

        * Continue discussion of account queue generation out of meeting


* worked on ares search for MiiVi

* made keyword indexing system using global data

* spent a lot of time troubleshooting MI db

        * logging more ares data

        * room to grow for MiiVi

                * issue will be acting as web server and db


* changed thumbnail to resize screen shots to 800x600

* then it'll compare to file size of original file and will most likely pick original thumbnail (352x???)

* fixed mplayer problem that it would freeze

        * have to kick off another thread to see if mplayer isn't responding right

        * usually these would be corrupted wmvs

* my laptop battery died and forced me to hibernate.... i missed the rest.
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