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From: Dylan Douglas <>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007 17:15:04 -0700
Well, the metadata comes from the publishing of the files to the network.  Since everything right now is from Ares, there isn't really anything just yet.  We could take stuff from the Ares supply and inject it into the database, but that would be a lot of Ares hashes.
Dylan Douglas

From: Stefan Kaczmarek
Sent: Mon 4/2/2007 5:03 PM
To: Dylan Douglas
Cc: Ben Ebert; Ty Heath; Ivan Kwok; Jay Mairs
Subject: Re: queue.php

Okay, coolio. Glad yer back, mang! :)

So, does anyone have a list of the actual meta data that you all're gonna want to store, and that I'll be displaying?

- Z

On Apr 2, 2007, at 2:55 PM, Dylan Douglas wrote:

Updated the queue.php script with the metainfo that you wanted.  Here's how it works now:
callback (optional)
count (optional, defaults to 100)
  { "queue": [
    { "hash": "00b42c66910fee1fad4f55c1c888251160ff7050", "position": "14", "title": "UNKNOWN", "size": "-1",  "codec": "UNKNOWN", "length": "-1", "views": "-1", "tags": [ ] },
    { "hash": "a89a558e81a96cbf3e728534d1350c71020b2244", "position": "15", "title": "UNKNOWN", "size": "-1",  "codec": "UNKNOWN", "length": "-1", "views": "-1", "tags": [ ] },
    { "hash": "1954523edb7961e8c2b828da6d7f66650e4ca114", "position": "16", "title": "UNKNOWN", "size": "-1",  "codec": "UNKNOWN", "length": "-1", "views": "-1", "tags": [ ] } ]
Okay, yeah, all the metainfo is junk right now, but it will have something at some point.  These are going to be the default values.
Also, if you leave the callback out, you'll get the same time, but without the "sexytime(" at the front and ")" at the end.
Dylan Douglas

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