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From: Ivan Kwok <>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 00:14:56 -0700

Ok, I got it working now. Just do screenshot/hash.jpg

For example:


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I found a website that lets you sign up for a hit counter for your
MySpace page. It gives you a URL that looks like this: <a
href="" target="_new"><img
src="" alt="Free
MySpace Counters" title="Free MySpace Counters" border="0"></a>

I put it on a blog post on a test myspace page here (you may need to
login or something):

Their front page of the hit counter website says this:

MySpace counters/countdowns was something I created after seeing the
lack of available hit counters/countdowns to use on MySpace profiles.
Since MySpace does not allow JavaScript or PHP on there profiles,
counters/countdowns must be done with PHP images or flash. I have gone
the image route to allow more flexabilty to user.

At this time members can create two types of counters/countdowns. First
is a hit counter. This will count how many times your profile has been
visited then display it on a image, like the one below. Refresh the page
and watch it change!
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