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From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 11:53:38 -0700


A couple of suggestions to get better internal testing results:

 1) When starting projects for a new customer or one we rarely hear about, please specify whatever you know about the customer's BT coverage expectations: sites, testing methodology, BT client used, etc.

 2) Get customers to use uTorrent, so we can interdict their torrents and they can see that effect. We have interdiction technology that is only effective in uTorrent ( So, it would be helpful to hint subtly at customers testing our effectiveness to use that client. You can do this by mentioning the uTorrent client in passing when you're describing our services, including uTorrent screen caps in any presentations you give customers, etc. Interdiction works VERY well in uTorrent, but we can't over burden that system for titles that our customers wouldn't even see the interdiction (because they're testing in a different client). uTorrent is the official BT client, as listed on

Just tryin' to help.


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Weinstein Company is conducting their own internal testing (not using BayTSP or any other 3rd party). There is no set methodology other than them just searching and downloading.



The following are the list of sites are:




Thanks guys.


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Hui, can you give me the sites you promised protection on and the methodology?



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Here are the results for Grindhouse. Our effectiveness is low on TorrentReactor and Mininova. This project does not have interdiction so we are relying on our decoys.


04/09 Summary

Top 6 32%

Top 10 41%

Top 15 43%

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