RE: Die Hard 4: eMule focused protection tests

From: Tabish Hasan <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 18:24:52 -0700

Yeah we are for FF2 as well. The DL results for that were sent out last
week. We looked better for that than DH4.

For DH4, it's not just natural protection because we saw a few of our
decoy trailers as well...but yeah...a lot of the "other" decoys were not
from us, so there's definitely natural protection as well.


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Are we doing focused protection for FF2? DH4 is too recent a leak, IMO,
for high eMule propagation, so this sounds to me like natural


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From: Tabish Hasan
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Subject: Die Hard 4: eMule focused protection tests

Attached is our summary for the DL testing done on the most popular real

We attempted the top 5-6 files and only 2 of the servers produced the
real pirated movie. Out of 27 attempted, 5 were real. The rest either
renamed other movies, like House of Wax (not from us) or renamed porn.
Only 2 of our trailer decoys showed up.


Overall effectiveness = 81%.


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