Re: MD needs AD's eye for look and feel

From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 14:04:18 -0700


Thanks again for having Bobby take a stab at a look and feel for MiiVi. We're looking forward to seeing his mock-up by Thursday.

What are some things our developers should keep in mind to make the site more search engine friendly? Should you meet with Jay's team to give them more guidelines as far as the typical SEO things they should be aware of? For example, Jay's team has just added alt text= everywhere (dynamically generated based on file names I think).


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Subject: MD needs AD's eye for look and feel

Michael and Bobby,

MediaDefender would love your input and help with a new website we are developing. =)

When you get a chance, take a look at That is the current home of our MiiVi site. We have totally locked-down the site, so that it requires login and password and can only be accessed from within our office suite. We've made logins for you to check out the site: "mcat" and "bdizzle" (these accounts just have the default "abc123" password for now, but you can change that).

Once you log on, surf to to download our application (it's a quick install for Mac or PC and puts a little icon in your systray). The website basically acts as a GUI for the application.

If you'd like me to go over this with you (to make sure you get sorted on the site), just let me know. The current version of the site is a little unintuitive; this is partly because our developers are primarily C++ programmers and we've been focused back-end optimization. If the steps you need to go through to get on to the site don't make any sense at all, let me know -- that means we have an even bigger problem than we thought. ;)



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