RE: eMule / Soulseek update

From: Dylan C Douglas <>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 14:08:14 -0400

I'm not in the office this week.

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Subject: eMule / Soulseek update

Hey Dylan,


I know you're super busy right now....but we still have a couple issues
that I haven't gotten an update about. Please send a status update when
you get a chance.

1) Many of our eMule servers are not hitting. Mostly the 64.93
block, but there are others. Refer to my previous emails for more

2) Soulseek is semi-weak were some of our really popular stuff is

a. The plan was to add some more SS clients. Can I get a status
update on that?

b. Nelly Furtado's tracks keep failing on SS



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