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From: Ben Ebert <>
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 14:57:05 -0700

It's probably just another matter of they are under the radar with their 4 projects. We have hundreds of projects so our trackers get picked up quicker. Also I don't believe our posting is as high as it should be either. If this is priority we will boost it.
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Is Macrovision's Paramount decoying similar to our Universal Studios posting? I'm wondering if the issue is just that we aren't decoying as much as they are -- which I would expect for Paramount. Or is Macrovision doing something better than we are that we should strive at least to duplicate?
We still use free domains for trackers, they've just been much more problematic for us than paid domains for trackers.


From: Daniel Lee
Sent: Fri 30-Mar-07 14:45
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Subject: Macrovision Decoy Torrents (Paramount)

We tested the three projects Macrovision is protecting for Paramount: Black Snake Moan, Charlotte’s Web, and Dreamgirls. From our initial testing, it looks as though they are only using decoy torrents posted on their own trackers for protection—there was no sign of interdiction. Most of their decoys stopped downloading at 90%. Although some of their torrents do get banned from sites like Mininova, and TorrentSpy, they still have quite a few decoy torrents up on these sites.


An easy way to identify a tracker used by them is to go to the main website of a suspected tracker (e.g., <> ) and see whether it points to DynDNS. All of the trackers that have been sending out fake files seem to be redirected through DynDNS.


According to the effectiveness report, Macrovision was 100% effective on but we were able to download real files for both Dreamgirls and Charlotte’s Web. Still, they are pretty effective overall. If you search for “Black Snake Moan” on IsoHunt and sort by seeds, they cover 15 of the 20 torrents on the first page.



Decoy Examples:



Suspected Macrovision Trackers:



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