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This is receipt info about a $499 purchase made on Octavio's MasterCard for Verisign. Code this as an online service/fee. This is for a new product we are rolling out called "miivi."

Randy - If you get any e-mails from Verisign please forward them to me, as I'm the point of contact that is supposed to respond to them to verify we are a real company with a real presence.



here's the receipt info:


Thank you for completing your order!
A copy of this order confirmation has been emailed to you. VeriSign will authenticate your organization and enrollment information and send you your certificate when authentication is complete.
Your order number is: 254865149
You can print this page as proof of purchase. <>
Product: Sun Java Signing Digital ID
Used with the Signing tools part of the Sun Java SDK, this certificate is used for generating digital signatures for Java Archive (JAR) files: Java applets, midlets and other Java applications that may be deployed stand-alone or in the IE or Netscape browsers. Total: US$
Added Options: One Year Validity Period
Code Signing ID information
You are purchasing a code signing certificate for Miivi, Inc.. If this information is incorrect, contact Customer Support at 1-877-438-8776 or 1-650-426-3400.
Common Name: <javascript:helpPopup('/contents_VRSN_US/HTML/commonNameCS.htm');> Miivi, Inc.
Organization: Miivi, Inc.
Organizational Unit:
City/Location: Santa Monica
State/Province: California
Country: US
When will I receive my certificate?

VeriSign will begin processing your order within one business day and your code signing certificate will be issued once authentication is complete. For the benefit of you and your customers, all certificate orders undergo a stringent authentication process to confirm the legitimacy of the submitted organization and common name.

Authentication of your order includes contacting your Organizational Contact for direct confirmation of your order and the submitted information. Your Organizational Contact will be contacted by telephone or email within 1-2 business days. Prompt response to this authentication procedure ensures quicker delivery of your certificate.

When authentication and processing is complete, usually within 2 business days, your Technical Contact will receive an email containing either your certificate or instructions for installing it. If the certificate is not approved, we will notify you and you will not be billed.

  More Information <javascript:helpPopup('/contents_VRSN_US/HTML/pop_receive.htm')>

* If you purchased your certificate using a credit card or token, no further action is necessary.
* If you purchased your certificate using a purchase order, check, or wire transfer, click here <> for payment instructions.

What is the status of my order?
Visit the Order Status page at any time to check the current status of your order. Additionally, your technical and Organizational Contacts will soon receive an Order Confirmation email to help track the progress of your order. Bookmark <javascript:window.external.AddFavorite('', 'Order Status');> the order status page.

Check Order Status <>

Where to go next
Take me to the VeriSign Home page <> .

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