library tivo

From: Stefan Kaczmarek <>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 13:40:59 -0700

So, for the library, i get all the hashes from the local folder, but
i need tivo info on them, too. I already do a call for every one to
get the thumbnail, and it'd be nice if the tivo info (locked 0/1)
came down, too. Or we could have a param that I add in there to get
the tivo info as well well as the thumbnail returned. (Actually,
nevermind, it'd have to be a separate query because the thumbnail
just returns the image, not json.)

So I am going to have to call tivo.php for each hash in the library,
then. Ugh. It'd be cool if there was another way, but whatever, for now.

I am assuming that the tivo stuff is still valid for downloaded (ie,
not in the queue) items?

- Z
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