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You r doin a great job on this. Keep him happy.


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Help me correlate this to the old spreadsheets we received. The last xls from 5/4 said that we had 4,988 from the UK and if I total all of the countries I get 29,433. I assume that these numbers are cumulative since the inception of the project. The latest dashboard you sent says we had 1,552 visits and 1,939 pages views and 778 absolute unique visitors. The new reports do not give me cumulative numbers, so if I wanted to know that totals thus far per country how would I do that? Use the visits data on the later pages (4+)? What numbers in the new report match up with the numbers in the old reports?


Also, I can’t find the report for 5/21-5/27. Please resend it to me.


I could really, use a chart like the one at the top of the dashboard that shows the full cycle of the project, the total number of redirects, the total number of unique redirects, and totals for each country – although I think I’ll only tell people about the top 10 countries for now.


Will you be able to use the new reporting interface for all of the data from the beginning of the project?







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