RE: torrentspy update

From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 10:01:53 -0700

We have a few non-US IPs (such as the Torrent ftp) and we can still access the site through web proxies outside the US. Can you still post decoys to the site?


From: Benny Mao
Sent: Mon 27-Aug-07 09:59
To: Ben Ebert; Ben Grodsky; Benny Mao; Daniel Lee; Dylan Douglas; Gerald Macias; Gerald Rode; Jay Mairs; Jed Levin; Jeff Lew; Niles Livingston; Randy Saaf; Rendy Oka; Sergio Alvarez; Sheetal Shah; Veasna Chhin
Subject: torrentspy update

Hello all,


Check out this new update to TorrentSpy that Niles discovered this morning.


Torrentspy is disabling search features for all users who are located in the US!


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