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From: Skinner, Andrew \(NBC Universal\) <>
Date: Thu, 3 May 2007 13:50:29 -0700

Next Thursday will be fine. I think that most of the questions about
supply and demand can be answered through some quick email exchanges
though. Jay, would you mind sparing a few moments to clarify the


1. Are IP addresses time stamped and collected during countermeasures?
Is it possible to figure out if countermeasures were used on user X, and
If so, how many times and when? During the call we will most likely be
discussing these questions in regard to ed2k user hash.



2. How is supply measured and collected? Basically, how do you define
supply? If a swarm is entered and supply data is captured will existing
users be counted again if it is revisited at a later time?



3. How is demand measured and collected? How do you define demand?



4. How do spoofs, decoys, swarming, and interdiction affect supply and
demand numbers? Are these counts included, counted separate, or not
included in the supply/demand numbers?










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Aaron and Andrew,

Attached please find our BitTorrent testing methodology. This is what
our QA team does. We added the last step as a way for your team to help
us improve our BitTorrent effectiveness for your titles.




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I'm out Thursday (this week) through Wednesday (next week). Could we set
a call for Thursday next week?


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Hi Ben & Jay,

Are you guys open for a call this Friday? Necip and I would like to
discuss how supply and demand are measured, as well as how user hashes
are collected. I'll be free for the rest of the day if one of you would
like to clear some stuff up ahead of time.



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