Re: EMI - Korn Trial Results - we passed :)

From: Randy Saaf <>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 13:19:20 -0700

Good job everyone!

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Subject: EMI - Korn Trial Results - we passed :)

EMI Testing results are attached for the Korn Unplugged trial we did.

EMI is very happy with our overall protection. A few comments to be aware of:

* for BitTorrent they are using Azureus. Octavio is starting to steer them toward uTorrent, but they're currently testing with Azureus exclusively. So decoys are imperative and we don't need to bother with interdiction for now. GREAT JOB Bittorrent!!!
* for Ares they are concerned about how are DHT results return with DHT usernames (see attached MD Korn Trial March 07 - Ares Usernames.JPG). Ty, is there anything we can do about this, or is this the nature of hitting hard on DHT?
* for Gnutella they were NEVER able to get any real content. Ivan's protection was solid!

Thanks again everyone and GREAT WORK!


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