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From: Ben Ebert <>
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 11:43:11 -0700

Guys, you have new trackers that were set up on Sat, these should not be banned, use them on the trouble sites. I realize some of the decoys were wiped out due to the IT move but we have several dedicated server backups. The numbers on the easy sites should be a lot better and quickly.

Reviews for the torrent team will be held on thursday and friday of this week. Performance on FFSS and Die Hard will strongly be taken into account during these.
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From: Daniel Lee
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Sent: Mon Jul 02 11:30:58 2007
Subject: Die Hard 4 Results 7/2/07

Here are the results from our first round of testing. Our decoy numbers seemed low across most of the sites. The good thing is that most of the torrents were added to our interdiction. The torrents that were not added to our interdiction have now been added.





BiteNova 80%

BushTorrent 20%

Fenopy 20%

IsoHunt 10%

Meganova 75%

Mininova 13%

MyBittorrent 13%

PirateBay 11%

TorrentBox #DIV/0!

TorrentPortal 83%

TorrentReactor 30%

TorrentSpy 10%

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